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Commercial Range Repair & Installation

Commercial Range Repair

When you need commercial range repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee or installation, call Lee’s Foodservice Parts & Repairs, Inc. Our technicians have years of experience working with all different types and brands of commercial ranges. At Lee’s Foodservice we know that your range is likely the backbone of your kitchen. When you need commercial range repair in Chicago or when you need to have a new commercial range installed you need it to get done quickly and with high quality.

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Commercial Range Installation
Putting in a new commercial range is a huge project for any restaurant owner. That’s why you should call Lee’s Foodservice for commercial range installation in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. We’ve worked with countless businesses to help them quickly and easily install a new range. We have a 192,000 square–foot warehouse where we can accept delivery of your new range and keep it until you want to have it actually installed. Our technicians can then deliver the range haul it into your kitchen and make the final connections. This process is relatively painless for you and will allow you to stay focused on running the other aspects of your business.

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