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When you need commercial microwave repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee call Lee’s Foodservice Parts & Repairs, Inc. We can work on any type or brand of commercial microwave and we can also help you install a new one if yours is broken. We know how important it is for you to be able to quickly heat up food in your commercial kitchen. That’s why we take such great care with all of the commercial microwave services that we offer. At Lee’s Foodservice, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and to quality of service that we provide. We try to build partnerships with our customers because we want to see them succeed. If you need commercial microwave installation in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee we have a 192,000 square–foot warehouse where we can take delivery of the new system from the manufacturer. We can hold it there until it’s convenient for you to install it.


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Commercial Microwave Installation

Having a professional contractor install your commercial microwave is always recommended. One of the main benefits of professional installation services is that your new microwave will work properly. Microwaves use a lot of electricity which means that they can’t just be plugged into any wall outlet. If other appliances also pull from that outlet it could cause the circuit breaker to trip on a regular basis. Not only is this a nuisance but it will also interrupt the operation of your business.


Another benefit of using a professional contractor for your commercial microwave installation is that it will get done faster and safer. With all the skill and training that our technicians have they’ll be able to quickly install your new microwave so that you can get back to running your business. Additionally, they’ll know how to safely plug the machine in so that it will work well.

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