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Commercial HVAC Repair and Service

Lee’s Foodservice Parts & Repairs, Inc. provides fast and quality commercial HVAC repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. Because you depend so heavily on your HVAC system, when it breaks down it can be a huge problem. Lee’s Foodservice provides commercial HVAC repairs for all different types and brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Our Chicago commercial HVAC repair technicians have years of experience and training and can help you get your business’ HVAC system back up and running quickly. We have immediate access to over $5 million in OEM parts. That means that there’s a good chance that we’ll have any replacement parts that you need on hand and won’t need to waste time ordering them.

What We Offer

These are some of the most common problems that our repairs will address:

Benefits of Professional Commercial HVAC Repair

At Lee’s Foodservice, we provide rapid and accurate commercial heating and air conditioning. We have a guaranteed response time which means that we’ll get to your business as soon as possible every time you call us. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem quickly and fix it.

Additionally, with the skills and experience that our techs have, they’ll be able to do a better job than a nonprofessional. We know exactly how they all work and we’ll be able to fix them properly.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Lee’s Foodservice offers commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance throughout the Midwest. Getting regular maintenance and tune–ups for your HVAC system has tremendous potential benefits to your business.

Lee’s Foodservice Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Lee’s Foodservice offers a comprehensive commercial HVAC preventive maintenance agreement. This agreement not only grants you regular tune–ups and maintenance, but it also covers the parts and labor for repairs. This agreement can be canceled at any time by either party.

The Commercial HVAC Repair and Service Experts

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